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The Lab offers Kreonite dip and dunk with careful sensitometric controlled film processing available for B&W, C41 and E6 - a same day processing and contact service. Digital contacts, size-as or enlarged, in addition to professional proofing are available for either film or digital.

We produce superb duplicate slides and transparencies. Our goal is to consistently produce the best duplication possible.


Whether from film or file, The Lab provides the professional's choice for printing your image. The state of the art Oce Lightjet print, unrivalled with respect to colour reproduction, corner to corner sharpness, smooth colour transitions and outstanding archival ability remains our forefront service. Understandably the Cprint, specifically from Lightjet technology remains the industry standard as well as the only generally accepted digital photographic medium for gallery submissions.

Our traditional print, in both colour and B&W, showcases the same technical printing expertise that professionals continue to rely on us for.


For our premium hi-res scan, The Lab offers The Hasselblad Flextight X5, technology based on the virtual drum scanner concept, producing sharp, high-end quality scans at up to 8000+ ppi; completely oil-free and available for any film format.

Our economical lo-res scans can be provided at time of processing and are suitable for machine prints and internet use.

The Lab's expert digital department offers full retouching and digital darkroom services.

Final Touches

The assortment of mounting substrates available today offer more options then ever: Mightycore, Gatorboard, Dibond and Sintra among other substrates are in stock and available. Our mounting department can provide the required finishing to complete your presentation with professional style. We offer quality lamination in addition to an assortment of display options such as hanging systems' whatever it takes to put your work on display with professional finish!