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Online Credit Application:

The following credit application will be held in strict confidentiality. The completed application is required before we can supply you on an open account basis.

*Owner / Company Name:  
  corporation partnership sole proprietor
*City:   *Prov./States:   *Postal Code:  
*Phone:   Fax:   *Email:  
Mailing Address:(if different from above.)  
City:   Prov./States:   Postal Code:  
*Number of years in Business:   *PST#:   *GST#:  

Bank Reference:

*Bank Name:  
*Contact Person:  
*Account Number:  
Phone:   Fax:    

Three Trade References:

*1.   *Phone:   Fax:  
*2.   *Phone:   Fax:  
*3.   *Phone:   Fax:  

Two Personal References:

*1.   *Phone:   Fax:  
*2.   *Phone:   Fax:  

*Credit Card #:  
*Expiry Date:    
  M/C Visa Amex
*Expected Monthly Volume:  

Please allow 2 weeks for processing. Thank you.